Restaurant work is hard, no doubt, but it doesn't have to be difficult. Having a great team to lean on makes all the difference! We're always on the lookout for folks who appreciate the moment all the ingredients of teamwork come together, and take pride in the detail and focus it takes to get to that moment. We believe in creating a welcoming, supportive work environment with an emphasis on learning and opportunities for growth. We're a family of folks who share our talents, and recognize that learning is a lifelong journey. No egos - just teamwork, passion and good humor.

We take our mission seriously: to continue raising the bar for the definition of "cozy little neighborhood place", and making the team the best it can be.

Join us!



5/17/2018:  FULL TIME LINE COOK  $15/hr

We are currently seeking a full-time line cook who is driven, passionate and capable of execution at a high level.

Successful applicants for line cook position should have the following qualities: 
- Minimum 1 year line cooking experience
- A positive attitude
- Ability to multitask and work as part of a team
- Ability to communicate efficiently in a fast-paced environment
- A desire to learn and advance their culinary career
- full-time availability (approximately 40 hours per week), including nights and weekends

 Benefits for this position include:
- $15+/hour starting wage, based on experience and skill set
- Paid time off for full-time employees
- 3 days off per week
- opportunity to work with some of the best local & seasonal ingredients
- encouragement to contribute and collaborate on menu items

To apply, please follow the instructions below.

5/17/2018:  PART TIME HOST  $11/hr

We are currently seeking a professional multi-tasker to be the warm and welcoming "face" of Blackbird. No experience is necessary for this position, but candidates must love smiling (even under pressure) and learning new things. The position is approximately 20 hours per week, evenings and weekend days.

Successful candidates will have the following qualifications:
- A positive attitude
- Ability to multitask and work as part of a team
- Availability on nights and weekends, including brunch availability
- Ability to communicate effectively in a fast paced environment

To apply, please follow the instructions below.

To apply for an open position, please download and complete our application. Once completed, follow the submission instructions at the bottom of the application:  BLACKBIRD APPLICATION.pdf